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The network in this dataset can be loaded directly from graph-tool with:
import graph_tool.all as gt
g = gt.collection.ns["eu_airlines"]

eu_airlines — European airline network


A multiplex network of airline routes among European airports, where each of the 37 edge types represents routes by a different airline.1

  1. Description obtained from the ICON project. 

Transportation Airport Multilayer Unweighted
  • Alessio Cardillo, Jesús Gómez-Gardenes, Massimiliano Zanin, Miguel Romance, David Papo, Francisco del Pozo and Stefano Boccaletti. "Emergence of network features from multiplexity." Scientific Reports 3, Article number: 1344 doi:10.1038/srep01344, https://doi.org/10.1038/srep01344 [@sci-hub]
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Name Nodes Edges $\left<k\right>$ $\sigma_k$ $\lambda_h$ $\tau$ $r$ $c$ $\oslash$ $S$ Kind Mode NPs EPs gt GraphML GML csv
eu_airlines 450 3,588 15.95 27.12 40.73 11.86 -0.05 0.38 7 0.93 Undirected Unipartite name nodeLabel nodeLong nodeLat weight layer 20 KiB 32 KiB 26 KiB 23 KiB
None drawing