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The network in this dataset can be loaded directly from graph-tool with:
import graph_tool.all as gt
g = gt.collection.ns["fediverse"]

fediverse — Fediverse network (2018)


An early snapshot of the federation network among web publishers using the ActivityPub protocol. Nodes are instances, and a directed edge exists if an instance follows another instance.

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Name Nodes Edges $\left<k\right>$ $\sigma_k$ $\lambda_h$ $\tau$ $r$ $c$ $\oslash$ $S$ Kind Mode NPs EPs gt GraphML GML csv
fediverse 4,860 484,164 99.62 415.76 657.66 1.51 -0.41 0.46 4 1.00 Directed Unipartite domain 436 KiB 1.6 MiB 1.8 MiB 1.2 MiB
None drawing