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The network in this dataset can be loaded directly from graph-tool with:
import graph_tool.all as gt
g = gt.collection.ns["packet_delays"]

packet_delays — Internet packet delays (2002)


A network representing the difference in delay observed by packet probes sent from a computer at Rice University to similar machines at different universities, in c.2002. The edge weight denotes the difference in delay of the packet in milliseconds.1

  1. Description obtained from the ICON project. 

Technological Communication Weighted
  • M. Coates et al., "Maximum likelihood network topology identification from edge-based unicast measurements." ACM SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review 30(1), 11-20 (2002), https://doi.org/10.1145/511399.511337 [@sci-hub]
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Name Nodes Edges $\left<k\right>$ $\sigma_k$ $\lambda_h$ $\tau$ $r$ $c$ $\oslash$ $S$ Kind Mode NPs EPs gt GraphML GML csv
packet_delays 10 9,567 956.70 124.82 10.00 0.29 0.02 0.89 1 1.00 Directed Unipartite name delay 24 KiB 45 KiB 44 KiB 28 KiB
None drawing