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import graph_tool.all as gt
g = gt.collection.ns["cintestinalis"]

cintestinalis — Tadpole larva brain (C. intestinalis)


Entire connectivity matrix for the complete brain of a larva of Ciona intestinalis. Each directed edge represents a synaptic connection from pre-synaptic cell i to post-synaptic cell j (may not be a neuron). Edge weights represent the cumulative depth of presynaptic contacts in µm.

Biological Connectome Weighted
  • K. Ryan, Z. Lu, & I. A. Meinertzhagen, "The CNS connectome of a tadpole larva of Ciona intestinalis (L.) highlights sidedness in the brain of a chordate sibling." eLife 5, e16962 (2016), https://doi.org/10.7554/eLife.16962.001 [@sci-hub]
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CC BY 4.0, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
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Name Nodes Edges $\left<k\right>$ $\sigma_k$ $\lambda_h$ $\tau$ $r$ $c$ $\oslash$ $S$ Kind Mode NPs EPs gt GraphML GML csv
cintestinalis 205 2,903 14.16 18.74 36.23 3.85 0.20 0.36 6 1.00 Directed Unipartite name color depth 10 KiB 22 KiB 19 KiB 14 KiB
None drawing