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The network in this dataset can be loaded directly from graph-tool with:
import graph_tool.all as gt
g = gt.collection.ns["email_company"]

email_company — Manufacturing company email (2010)


A network of emails among employee email addresses at a mid-sized manufacturing company. Each directed edge represents an email sent from address i to address j. Edges are timestamped, and occurred over a 6 month period in an unspecified year.1

  1. Description obtained from the ICON project. 

Social Communication Unweighted Multigraph Timestamps
  • R. Michalski, S. Palus, and P. Kazienko, "Matching organizational structure and social network extracted from email communication." In Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing 87, 197-206 (2011), https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-642-21863-7_17 [@sci-hub]
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Name Nodes Edges $\left<k\right>$ $\sigma_k$ $\lambda_h$ $\tau$ $r$ $c$ $\oslash$ $S$ Kind Mode NPs EPs gt GraphML GML csv
email_company 167 82,927 496.57 1309.42 59.43 7.30 0.16 0.68 5 1.00 Directed Unipartite weight time 242 KiB 425 KiB 439 KiB 368 KiB
None drawing